Foosball, or Table Soccer, is a sociable, enjoyable game that is enjoyed worldwide and across all income groups. Foozi Gaming places free foosball tables in high-traffic, social venues throughout South Africa that are targeted at the urban youth market. Since Foozi’s eye-catching soccer tables provide an exciting, competitive and interactive form of entertainment for the thousands of visitors at these sites completely for free, they continually pull large groups of people to the table.

The free, interactive nature of the tables, combined with the huge popularity that foosball enjoys, provide the perfect platform for advertisers that are looking to capitalise on the long impression time of at least 2 minutes with the millions of viewers interacting with the platform. The large branding area and unique ‘pull’ effect of this platform ensures your message cuts through all other advertising clutter.

It’s a feel-good, do-good advertising platform.

We're placing Foozi tables in hundreds of taverns, university campuses, colleges and recreation centres across the country. Foozi soccer tables provide the perfect opportunity to associate your brand with soccer in a sociable youth-oriented environment. Click here for more information.


Despite the long history of foosball and its prevalence in bars and pubs throughout the world, very few people are aware of the rules of how to play the game. In this article, you'll learn the rules of foosball that are used almost universally. These are the just the basics. Read more

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Light up your brand with Foozi
9 April 2010

Foozi’s latest advertising and marketing offering will ensure countless excitement for its advertisers and players. The new, limited-edition foosball tables come complete with rechargeable internal lights. Read more

Foozi trial boosts sales
20 January 2010

Recently, Foozi strategically placed Klippies and Cola branded Foozi tables in two taverns in Pretoria for two months. The aim was to determine what, if any, increase there would be in the brand's sales. Read more

Foozi donates branded table to Balfour House
15 January 2010

Foozi recently donated a Foozi table to Balfour House, an orphanage in Durban. The table was branded with personal messages, logos and quotes sent in from Foozi Fans around the world. Read more

Foozi's top five foosball table designs for 2009
10 January 2010

Having held numerous design competitions during 2009, and producing a number of its own rental and promotional designs as well, Foozi put it to the vote to determine which five Foozi designs stood out from all of the rest. Read more

"I wanted a foozball table to rent for an evening for a soccer party that we were having.  Your weekend special was perfect and was fantastic value for money.  The service from you and your team was excellent, from the booking and confirmation process through to delivery and collection of the table.   

I thought that the two tables we have in our offices in Sandton and Randburg were pretty good quality, but the table that we got for the weekend from you guys really exceeded my expectations.  I don’t think we had anyone at the party that had ever played the game, but all (kids and adults) had an awesome time and played into the early hours.  I never thought that a foozball table could be the soul of the party, but it was. "

Dave Farrer
Randpark Ridge


The Foozball table helped our team along the way to unity. Following a team-building weekend away,
I was afraid that the spirit we developed would be lost as we got back to reality. The Foozi table helped
us come out of our shells and interact on a very informal level, which benefitted the team immensely.
We were also the envy of other divisions, who couldn’t hide their jealousy!

Kamil Maharaj
FNB Share Investing


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