With Foozi Soccer Tables as your platform, your brand can reach millions of young South Africans.

University campuses, colleges, bars, taverns, community centres, hotels, and other social areas - Foozi Soccer Tables offer a unique opportunity to interact with young adults in a fun, cost-effective and highly enjoyable manner. Our venues have been carefully selected to reach a large target market in a relaxed, sociable environment. 

This is how it works: Foozi places soccer tables in social, high-traffic venues for FREE. Foozi tables are FREE-TO-PLAY and thus draw large groups of people from the moment the table is placed in the venue. These crowds of young people enjoying themselves in a relaxed environment provide the ideal target market for your brand, and Foozi provides the ideal advertising platform. On average, each Foozi table will be played 2500 times per month, involving 10 000 people, either playing or watching and having a great time, thanks to your brand!

With Foozi Soccer Tables, not only is your message completely unique in the space (you're not competing with other advertising in the same area), it is a large eye-catching medium that stands out simply due to its novelty. Due to its interactive nature, Foozi Soccer Tables draw a crowd, bringing more eyes to your message. It's the perfect urban youth marketing platform. Recent case studies have shown that as many as 400 games are played daily on Foozi tables in a busy environment.

As well as the traditional passing traffic impressions, Foozi Soccer Tables are able to present your brand to a captive audience for up to fifteen minutes at a time as players enjoy a game of foosball, as well as the inevitable spectators that accompany them. A branded field and internal walls of the foosball table are used to promote your brand or advertisement in a highly effective manner.

Your brand is bringing a fun FREE game of foosball to willing participants who, afterwards, walk away having enjoyed themselves immensely, and have your brand to thank for the experience.

  1. The average game of Foozi lasts 3 minutes (that's a looooooong time interacting with the advertiser's brand)
  2. Foozi Tables are free-to-play (what?! the advertiser is providing a free game of foosball? Awesome!)
  3. Foozi is popular across all LSM groups (77% male, 23% female)
  4. Target the urban youth market:

  5. The branding on Foozi Tables can be changed on-site (patented design means quick and easy changes to creative)
  6. An audience of millions across thousands of venues

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