Category A

Typically, larger universities, colleges and some taverns will fit into this category and daily visitors will exceed 500, in some cases going as high as a few thousand. The age of the typical visitor will be between 18 and 24 and will be between LSM 8 and 10. 

•Avg. monthly impressions (single table): 22,000
•Avg. unduplicated reach (single table): 2,200
•Avg. monthly unique players/spectators (single table): 1,980
•Avg. monthly 3-minute interactions (single table): 13,200
•Avg. monthly impressions (100 tables): 2,200,000
•Avg. unduplicated reach (100 tables): 220,000
•Avg. monthly unique players/spectators (100 tables): 198,000
•Avg. monthly 3-minute interactions (100 tables): 1,320,000

Category B

This category consists of smaller colleges, most taverns and many of the community centres. They will have between 200 and 500 daily visitors, aged between 16 and 24, and in the LSM 6-8 group. 

•Avg. monthly impressions (single table): 6,000
•Avg. unduplicated reach (single table): 1,500
•Avg. monthly unique players/spectators (single table): 1,000
•Avg. monthly 3-minute interactions (single table): 10,500
•Avg. monthly impressions (100 tables): 600,000
•Avg. unduplicated reach (100 tables): 150,000
•Avg. monthly unique players/spectators (100 tables): 100,000
•Avg. monthly 3-minute interactions (100 tables): 1,050,000

Category C

Smaller taverns, hotels, caravan parks and certain community centres fit into this category, with approx. 100 daily visitors aged between 16 and 30, across the LSM 6-8 segments.

•Avg. monthly impressions (single table): 3,000
•Avg. unduplicated reach (single table): 600
•Avg. monthly unique players/spectators (single table): 520
•Avg. monthly 3-minute interactions (single table): 3500
•Avg. monthly impressions (100 tables): 300,000
•Avg. unduplicated reach (100 tables): 60,000
•Avg. monthly unique players/spectators (100 tables): 52,000
•Avg. monthly 3-minute interactions (100 tables): 350,000

Category D

Certain accommodation areas, such as backpackers lodges will fit into this category, as well as small taverns, car washes, fire stations and some community centres. We don’t place tables in this category venue unless specifically requested.

•Avg. monthly impressions (single table): 1,200
•Avg. unduplicated reach (single table): 200
•Avg. monthly unique players/spectators (single table): 120
•Avg. monthly 3-minute interactions (single table): 800
•Avg. monthly impressions (100 tables): 120,000
•Avg. unduplicated reach (100 tables): 20,000
•Avg. monthly unique players/spectators (100 tables): 12,000
•Avg. monthly 3-minute interactions (100 tables): 80,000

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